Our Ministries

Men's Ministry

Men (Creole) & Solid Rock Men’s (English) At Agape we are serious about reaching men for Christ. We believe that the man is the priest of his home. It is his job to lead the family in their pursuit of God. The men’s fellowship seeks to empower men of all ages to have a growing transformational relationship with Jesus Christ. Also, we seek to reach non-Christian men as well through an aggressive discipleship effort. Why? Outreach focus is at the heart of this ministry. Rather than seeking to develop fellowship among Christian men through focusing on activity, this ministry seeks to have a constant intentional approach of outreach. Through sound biblical teaching and prayer, our men will have the unique opportunity to develop deep relationships with each other and share in the joy of helping non-Christian men be transformed by Jesus as they surrender to Him. If you are looking to be connected with other men who will encourage you in your walk with Christ, please consider joining this ever-growing ministry. Your life will never be the same, We GUARANTEE IT!

G.I. (Generation Impact) Youth Ministry

Ages 13-Senior High The youth are an integral part of our church. We strive to provide a church that welcomes the creativity of each generation. Our outreach to the young people of our community is unique. We aim to provide answers to tough questions affecting teens. We seek to create an atmosphere that is safe, contemporary, and relevant where young men and women can come and experience the unconditional love of Jesus Christ. The youth ministry is always seeking new members to continue its rich tradition of loving Jesus and loving each other. Click here to go to the G.I. Blog. Mission Statement: To present the message of Jesus Christ to all youth and nurture the work of the Holy Spirit in their lives by tearing down the strongholds of this world, thereby equipping our Christian youth spiritually in mind, body, and spirit to have a socially powerful impact for Christ in our community and around the world.

Family Enrichment

The couple's ministry works very hard to foster an environment for couples to grow in their love for each other while tackling the serious issues facing each marriage. We cherish the idea of providing biblical answers to life's toughest questions. This ministry is vital to the overall health of our church family. For this reason we are always seeking the participation of all the married people to join this ministry and experience the fresh blaze of marital bliss. The couple's ministry sponsors the following events: Quarterly evenings of romance and connection Annual retreat Biblical counseling (by trained professionals) Culinary courses Ongoing support system. Our Vision: To help couples build a successful marriage that will positively impact their family, church, community and ultimately, the world. Our Mission: To provide spiritual, educational and social resources to help couples nourish and cherish each other in a healthy marriage relationship; develop marriage enrichment programs to enable couples to identify and deal with marital issues that can become a threat to their union.

Intercessory Prayer

There is no doubt that prayer is the engine of any thriving church. We deeply believe in the power of prayer. We take the matters of life that affects the earthly pilgrimage of each believer very seriously. As Jesus stated in John 15, without Him we can do absolutely nothing. For this reason our intercessory prayer team is always on duty and in constant need of more workers.

Young Adults

The Young Adults ministry seeks to reach those who are in need a place to connect, build meaningful relationship, and gain greater understanding of God’s word. The goal of this ministry is reaching and making strong disciples of Jesus Christ.

Children's Ministry

Infants-12 year olds Mission Statement: To present the message of Jesus Christ to all children and nurture the work of the Holy Spirit in their lives by assisting parents using Biblical principles, thereby equipping our Christian children spiritually in mind, body, and spirit to have a socially powerful impact for Christ in our community and around the world.


(Ushers, Security, Greeters) Vision Statement: To reach out to visiting guests and new members of Agape Christian Fellowship and integrate them into the body of Christ. Mission Statement: To develop visitors into new members and ultimately fully functioning members of ACF through discipleship, members’ orientation, and ministry placement.


Vision Statement: To receive and serve guests and members of ACF in a warm, friendly and generous way that’s glorifying to God. Mission Statement: To develop and equip hospitality personnel to embody a mindset of excellence and proficiency, while serving the guests and members of ACF.


Vision Statement: To administer ACF’s financial resources in the form of tithes, offerings and gifts in an effective and efficient manner that’s glorifying to God. Mission Statement: To develop and equip the finance team to embody a mindset of proficiency, excellence and good stewardship; and promote financial freedom within the congregation of ACF and the community.

Health & Wellness

Vision Statement: To offer healthier alternatives for a better lifestyle in order to transform lives and families. Mission Statement: Collaborate with community health resource centers to educate the church and community through various educational seminars, fairs and health awareness programs.

Music & Worship

Worship services at Agape Christian Fellowship foster an atmosphere of worship where people can continually offer to God a sacrifice of praise with the fruit of their lips that confess His name. (Hebrews 13:15) Vision Statement: Agape Christian Fellowship seeks to provide a positive worship experience through musical expression that embraces our diversity and ultimately exalts the Lord Jesus Christ, to the glory of God the Father. Mission Statement: Our mission is to usher people into the presence of the True and Living God and help them connect with Him in spirit and truth through new songs, contemporary songs, and hymns.

Youth Choir

Ages 13-up Vision Statement: To glorify God with passionate worship and minister to others through songs, outreach and a godly lifestyle. Mission Statement: To develop and equip the youth to embody a godly lifestyle through fellowship, music, worship, biblical teachings and training.

Gospel Choir


Women's Singing Group

(Creole) Vision Statement: We seek to influence our church and community by engaging in fervent prayer, discipleship and authentic relationships. Mission Statement: We strive to give honor and glory to God by ministering the love of Christ through songs and community outreach.

Prayer Line

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Gatekeeper Department

(Security) Vision Statement: The Gate Keeper Department is committed to providing the highest quality of services to the guests and members of Agape Christian Fellowship while constantly evaluating and improving it’s efforts to enhance public safety and guest services. Mission Statement: The mission of the Gate Keeper Department is to provide a positive and pleasant welcome experience to visiting guests and regular attendees of ACF; safeguard life and property, preserve the peace, prevent and detect crime.

Usher Department

Vision Statement: To maintain an atmosphere that’s conducive to praise and worship and the reception of God’s word. Mission Statement: Minister the love of Jesus Christ by providing a warm and cordial welcome to everyone who comes to Agape Christian Fellowship.

Maintenance Department

Vision Statement: To efficiently create and maintain a clean environment that’s honoring to God, and conducive to a positive worship experience. Mission Statement: To develop and equip maintenance team members through training and teaching to embody a mindset of excellence, and maintain order and cleanliness in all areas of God’s house.

Transportation Department

Vision Statement: Provide transportation to facilitate the spread of the gospel. Mission Statement: To develop and equip transportation personnel to embody a mindset of proficiency and excellence while providing transportation and maintaining and protecting all transportation vehicles.