Cross with Clouds and Sky in the Background

What Is God’s Language & How Can I Speak It?

Minister Nerlynn Etienne CONSIDER ANOTHER LANGUAGE According to Psychology Today, approximately 20% of all Americans are bilingual. This means that they speak another language in addition to English. The advantages…
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Resolutions Just Ahead Sign

New Years Resolutions In June?

Minister Nerlynn Etienne JANUARY RESOLUTIONS Half of the year is passed and the month of June is right around the corner. This new month not only brings the heat of…
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Abstract Fire on a Black Background

Ain’t Nobody Got Time for That (A Place Called Hell)

RUNNING FOR YOUR LIFE One of the funniest videos or sound bites in cyber world is the video by the now infamous “Sweet brown”.  The video has captivated the attention…
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Hands isolated in darkness using smartphone

A Disconnected Lifestyle

Can You Hear Me Now? I have a burning question! What happened to the benefits that technology promised us? As I travel around the country and even around the world,…
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Note to Self written in black and red marker: "Stay Focused"

Stay Focused

ACCOMPLISH THE TASK As a leader one of the biggest challenges that I face is staying focused on the task that God has given me to accomplish. We all exist…
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