What Is God’s Language & How Can I Speak It?

Cross with Clouds and Sky in the Background

Minister Nerlynn Etienne CONSIDER ANOTHER LANGUAGE According to Psychology Today, approximately 20% of all Americans are bilingual. This means that they speak another language in addition to English. The advantages of speaking a second language include strengthening cognitive skills, sensitivity to different cultures, and the expansion of communication to a larger demographic. Those of us,…

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New Years Resolutions In June?

Resolutions Just Ahead Sign

Minister Nerlynn Etienne JANUARY RESOLUTIONS Half of the year is passed and the month of June is right around the corner. This new month not only brings the heat of summer but it alerts us that 2013 is half way towards its end. At the beginning of each new year many goals are set, and…

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Stay Focused

Note to Self written in black and red marker: "Stay Focused"

ACCOMPLISH THE TASK As a leader one of the biggest challenges that I face is staying focused on the task that God has given me to accomplish. We all exist for a reason; God created us with a purpose in mind. Once we discover that purpose it is our responsibility to spend our life accomplishing…

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