Note to Self written in black and red marker: "Stay Focused"

Stay Focused


As a leader one of the biggest challenges that I face is staying focused on the task that God has given me to accomplish. We all exist for a reason; God created us with a purpose in mind. Once we discover that purpose it is our responsibility to spend our life accomplishing it.


Christ is the perfect example of a person who lived selflessly. His life on this earth was not about self-gratification but doing the will of His Father.  Several times in Scriptures we read that Christ says He is about His Father’s business and the work that was given to Him. But why was Christ so adamant about doing God’s will? Why did he mention it so frequently? Christ had to remind Himself that His earthly experiences were seeds towards His eternal purpose. Whatever He did on earth had eternity in mind. Christ didn’t waste time or energy investing in the here and now but what really mattered…the eternal work that He was sent to complete.


When Jesus walked the earth as a man, He was aware that His time was limited and didn’t waste it on; meaningless disputes, gossip, and accolades. In the years that I’ve been fortunate to live on this earth, I have found that many people are distracted by people. They begin strong but because of the desire to please everyone, prove something, or even defend themselves, they lose sight of what God has called them to do. So now their life mission is no longer the will of God but the approval of man.


It isn’t wise nor is it necessary to engage in every activity that comes our way. What if Christ took the time to entertain every foolish accusation made against Him? He probably wouldn’t have made it to the Cross because of His exhaustion with people. Any activity or conversation that does not assist our purpose isn’t worth our time.  Determine to stay focused and in the words of Christ, be about your Father’s business.