Resolutions Just Ahead Sign

New Years Resolutions In June?

Minister Nerlynn Etienne


Half of the year is passed and the month of June is right around the corner. This new month not only brings the heat of summer but it alerts us that 2013 is half way towards its end. At the beginning of each new year many goals are set, and promises are made. People often vow to lose weight, exercise, spend adequate time with family and friends, quit smoking, get out of debt and save money. How many of your 2013 goals have you accomplished?


I will be the first to admit that it is extremely difficult to accomplish a goal set six months prior. So many changes can occur that causes us to lose focus, lose hope, and lose passion.  Although six months have passed, you still have six months ahead of you. Whatever was not achieved in the first two quarters can be in the last two. Here are three practical and applicable ways to accomplish your resolutions mid-year:

1. Revisit & Regroup

Revisit your goals of 2013 and determine what can realistically be attained in the months left. Then regroup your goals into these two categories; Long-Term and Short-Term. We can be too ambitious in our expectations of ourselves. If you realize what you thought should take a year may actually take two or three, that’s okay. It is no longer a short-term goal but a long-term goal. A long-term goal doesn’t mean that you put it on the back-burner but that it will take longer to complete. Begin working on it now with the mindset that it will not be accomplished this year.

2. Identify Distractions

Sometimes we don’t finish strong because we never took the time to identify what’s distracting us. On the road to success there will always be some stumbling blocks. The wise person quickly identifies what they are so that he can avoid them or defeat them.


3. Quit the Pity Party

Don’t waste the following months wallowing in your unaccomplished goals. Celebrate what has been done and focus on what can be done. Seize each new day as an opportunity from God to catch up. If you didn’t get any closer today, you can always try again tomorrow.