Our Promise

When you come here, we promise you, you’ll experience the presence of God, you’ll be exposed to the Word of God, and you’ll be loved as a child of God.

About Our Congregation

We are a multi-ethnic community that impacts people holistically, to be an expression of the kingdom. To reach people regardless of race, creed, color, culture. We want them to know that God loves them. Our vision is to be a church where people can get plugged in regardless of their background and they feel like they belong.

Here at ACF, we have built a culture that honors family. We believe that family is the foundation for the church. The church will only be as healthy as the families are. When you come here, you belong to a family, no matter how large we get. You can expect a church atmosphere that is non-threatening, relevant and in touch with people’s felt needs.

Front Doors of Church

Our Vision

A God honoring, multi-ethnic community, impacting people holistically.

Our Mission

We seek to integrate the word of God and influence the world by teaching and building healthy individuals through positive collaboration.

Women praying together

Our Culture

ACF is a multicultural, multigenerational and multi-ethnic community of believers. We have a culture of acceptance and transformation. We highly value the work of the Holy Spirit in the life of each believer and we seek to embody the principles of scripture in every aspect.

Since the inception of this ministry, we have managed to foster an environment the encourages personal growth and responsibility. Further, we strive to empower people to explore and experience their God-given potential. The ACF family is composed of people seeking to honor God while maximizing their earthly journey.

Our Story

In the spring of 2001 God decided to write a love letter to a particular group of people in Southwest Florida. Lehigh Acres is a small town located on the Eastern side of Fort Myers, Florida. At that time the town was known as a quiet place where retirees from the North and Midwest came to enjoy the tropical weather and nearby sandy beaches.

Despite this demographic and after visiting on a few occasions, a vision of a changing community with a steady influx of different cultures and young families became more and more real. Following intense time in prayer and fasting, the Lord gave the “green light” to move ahead with a church-planting project…



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